Tuesday, 20th June 2017

09:00Welcome and General Address
09:15Logistics for the 2 days / A Brief Look into the Future

Plenary Session 1 - ESA / ESOC's View and One-Web Megaconstellation

Chair: Nestor Peccia (ESA / ESOC)

09:30ESA/ESOC Data Systems Infrastructure Long Term Vision
 Mauro Pecchioli
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
09:55Can We Afford Not to Innovate?
 Mario Merri
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
10:20GSE for Constellations
 Guillaume Roelly
 AOS - Airbus OneWeb Satellites (France)
 Presentation not provided
10:45Coffee Break with Poster / Demo Sessions (11:00 - 11:30 hrs)

Plenary Session 2 - OneWeb Megaconstellation

Chair: Nestor Peccia (ESA / ESOC)

11:25The Impact of Mega-Constellations on Central Checkout Systems
 Roger Patrick
 Terma (Netherlands)
11:50Architecting a Massive Satellite Constellation Ground System
 Enrique Fraga
 GMV (Spain)
12:15OneWeb Mission Planning
 Stewart Hall
 ScisSys (UK)
 Presentation not provided
12:45Lunch with Poster / Demo Sessions (12:45 - 14:00 hrs)
The programme on this afternoon runs in parallel session, series A & B, as noted.

Parallel Session (A) 3 - EGS-CC & EGS-CC based Ground Data Systems

Chair: Mauro Pecchioli (ESA / ESOC)

14:00EGS-CC Software Validation: Large-Scale Data-Driven Testing
 Annabell Langs
 Telespazio-Vega (Germany)
14:25EGS-CC UIF: The Next Generation of User Interfaces for European Ground Segment M&C
 Alfredo Rumbero
 GMV (Spain)
14:50EGOS-CC: The EGS-CC Based New Generation of the ESOC Monitoring and Control Infrastructure
 Anthony Walsh
 ESA ESOC (Germany)
15:15ERF-CC: an EGSE Reference Facility Based on the European Ground Systems Common Core
 Juan Carranza
 ESA/ESTEC (Netherlands)
15:40Coffee Break with Poster / Demo Sessions (15:40 - 16:15)

Parallel Session (A) 4 - MBSE & Simulation

Chair: Alessandro Ercolani (ESA / ESOC)

16:15Electronic Data Sheets for Simulation and Validation Improvements in Space Projects
 Nicola Di Nisio
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
16:40Rationalization of European Simulator Tools RATIO-SIM Status
 Robert Blommestijn
 ESA / ESTEC (Netherlands)
17:05Model Based Engineering Framework for Simulation and Validation
 Alex Alberga
 Scisys (UK)

Parallel Session (B) 5 - Security

Chair: James Eggleston (ESA / ESOC)

14:00ESA takes Steps to Improve Security of Space Systems and Operations
 Matteo Merialdo
 RHEA (Belgium)
14:25Effective Secure Software Engineering Support for Mission Ground Segments
 Daniel Fischer
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
14:50Innovative Solution for Extended Resilience of Global Navigation Satellite Systems
 Julien Baladier
 Thales Alenia Space (France)
15:15Accounting Activities in Operational Networks
 Julio Vivero
 GMV (Spain)
15:40Coffee Break with Poster / Demo Sessions (15:40 - 16:15)

Parallel Session (B) 6 - Space Situational Awareness

Chair: Daniel Fischer (ESA / ESOC)

16:15SSA Controlled Integration : The SSA Hybrid Approach to Contineous Integration
 Gianpiero Di Girolamo
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
16:40Architecture Overview of the Airbus Safran Launchers Fully Automated Network of Space Surveillance Stations
 Thomas Lorblanchès
17:05SST-CC: A Community Approach for a European Space Surveillance and Tracking Core Software Development
 Gianpiero Di Girolamo
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
18:00Facilities Tour
19:00Social Event

Wednesday, 21st June 2017

The programme on this day runs in parallel session, series A & B, as noted.

Parallel Session (A) 7 - Ground Systems

Chair: Mario Merri (ESA / ESOC)

09:00Software Delivery Procedures in EGS-CC
 Bernd Höhner
 Telespazio Vega (Germany)
09:25Efficient Test Architecture for Automating End-to-End Validation
 Berend Semke
 ETAMAX (Germany)
09:50Virtualization IT Projects at EUMETSAT
 Hicham El Harti
 EUMETSAT (Germany)
10:15Evolution of Current and Future Ground Network Services and Adaption to New Markets
 Juan Alvarez
 LSE GmbH (Germany)
10:40Coffee Break with Poster / Demo Sessions (10:40 - 11:00 hrs)

Parallel Session (A) 8 - Big Data

Chair: Nestor Peccia (ESA / ESOC)

11:00ESA's Third Party Mission Data Handling Facility and Generic Preservation Element
 Damiano Guerrucci
 ESA / ESRIN (Italy)
11:25Euclid: Big Data from "Dark" Space
 Maurice Poncet
 CNES (France)
11:50A New Architecture for Visualization: Open Mission Control Technologies
 Jay Trimble
12:15ATHMoS: A Satellite Anomaly Detection Framework - Microservice Architecture
 Corey Omeara
 DLR (Germany)
12:45Lunch with Poster / Demo Session (12:45 - 14:00 hrs)

Parallel Session (A) 9 - Big Data

Chairs: Michele Iapaolo (ESA / ESOC)

14:00Big Data Driven Architecture for Satellite Tests and Operation Data Storage and Advanced Analytics
 Loïc Boussouf
 Airbus Defense and Space (France)
14:25A Unified View on Your Data
 Martin Tykal
 Solenix (Switzerland)
14:50Machine Learning Predictions and Ground Data Preparation to Support Operators
 Redouane Boumghar
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
15:15Predicting Satellite Behavior Using Machine Learning Algorithms
 Greg Adamski
 L3 (USA)
15:40Coffee Break (15:40 - 16:00 hrs)

(A) 10 Topic Discussion - Big Data

16:00 - 17:30Moderator: James Eggleston (ESA / ESOC)

Parallel Session (B) 11 - Ground Data Systems

Chair: Mariella Spada (ESA / ESOC)

09:00An Adaptive and Extensible Implementation of ISIS PUS Services Integrated into a CCSDS MO Based Framework
 Christian Laroque
 Telespazio Vega (Germany)
09:25CNES-ISIS Web Based Technologies Editors Architecture
 Jean-Michel Georger
 ATOS (France)
09:50Current OPS-SAT Mission Status and Opportunities for Experimenters
 David Evans
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
10:15OPS-SAT Ground First - Status Report & Early Lessons Learned
 José Luís Feiteirinha
 SERCO GmbH (Germany)
10:40Coffee Break with Poster / Demo Sessions (10:40 - 11:00 hrs)

Parallel Session (B) 12 - Ground Data Systems

Chair: Margherita Di Giulio (ESA / ESOC)

11:00A Look Over the Horizon
 Donald Sather
 The Aerospace Corporation (USA)
11:25NOAA's Satellite Ground Systems Architecture
 Georg Contag
11:50EPS-SG Mission Control and Operations (MCO): From Controlling the Spacecraft to Configuring its On-Board Autonomy
 Eduardo Valido
 EUMETSAT (Germany)
12:15File Based Operations and CFDP: The Euclid Design
 Felix Flentge
 ESA / ESOC (Germany)
12:45Lunch with Poster / Demo Sessions (12:45 - 14:00 hrs)

Parallel Session (B) 13 - Operations Preparation

Chair: Elsa Montagnon (ESA / ESOC)

14:00SPELL-fuzz: Automated and High-coverage Verification of SPELL Procedures
 Raimondas Sasnauskas
 SES Astra (Luxembourg)
14:25Operations Preparation Environment – Common Core (OPEN-CC)
 Francois Trifin
 ESA/ESOC (Germany)
14:50MOIS-7 Mission Operations Preparation - into the EGS-CC Era
 Simon Reid
 Rhea (Germany)
15:15SCOPE: the Thales Alenia Space Preparation Environment
 Nicolas Richasse
 Thales Alenia France (France)
15:40Coffee Break (15:40 - 16:00 hrs)

Forum (B) 14 Topic Discussion - Preparation Environment

16:00 - 17:30Moderator: Francois Trifin (ESA/ESOC)


Ground Data System Scalability through Containers-based Technology
Andre Peixoto
Visionspace - Germany

ESOC End-to-End Ground Segment Reference Facility
Jean-Christophe Berton
ESA/ESOC - Germany

Enabling Collaboration Between Space Agencies Using Private And Cloud Based Clusters
Maurice Poncet
CNES - France

Model-Based Operations Design
Telespazio-Vega - Germany

Towards an ethereal ground segment: virtualization, cloud and beyond
Enrique Fraga
GMV Spain

SEC_COM: Secure Communication System Testbed of Space Mission
Lukasz Pieczonka
Newind – Poland

POCKET+: Status and potential impact on ground systems and operations
David Evans
ESA/ESOC - Germany

Fast File Transfer over WAN Links
Alessio Botta
NM2 – Italy

SIMPERF2: A study on improving Simulation to Ground Model data rates in SIMULUS
Alberto Ingenito
Telespazio Vega Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Incoming and Outgoing Webhooks for Collaboration
Yann Voumard
Solenix – Switzerland

Algorithms as a Service
Yann Voumard
Solenix – Switzerland

Yet Another Mission Control System For Low Cost Missions
Nicolae Mihalache
Spaceapplications - Belgium

Model-Based Requirements Verification Lifecycle (MARVL)
Simon Reid
RHEA Group - UK

Building a cloud-based EO data exploitation platform for the forestry community
Peter van Zetten
CGI – Germany

Enrique Fraga
GMV – Spain

Versatile System for Nanosatellites Command & Control Operations
Sylvain D’ Hoine
CS – France

Russian Science Ground Segment for ExoMars 2016 Mission
Oleg Batanov
IKI – Russia

VFOX: A Secure Web Interface for Remote Automated Satellite Operations Monitoring
Enrique Fraga
GMV – Spain

Space and Ground Assets Monitoring and Control Convergence: a Practical Case
Enrique Fraga
GMV – Spain

ATENA – Adjusting open Test Exchange staNdard to the spAce domain
L. Kwiecinski
ITTI – Poland

EO Software Evolution: from Front End Processor to a CCSDS Swiss Knife
Tomislav Nakic
Amphinicy – Croatia

Deepening test coverage in MCS production – the ParagonTT experience in DLR’s multi-mission control system
Robert Messaros
Siemens Convergence – Austria

The Future European Space Automation Domain
S. Dionisi
Vitrociset – Belgium

Highly integrated multi spacecraft MCS and EGSE System featuring SLE and POCKET support – the Proba-3 G-EMCS approach
Robert Messaros
Siemens-Convergence – Austria

Integrating TOPE with EGS-CC
Enrique Rivero
GMV – Spain

Ground segment technology update: practical cases
GMV – Spain

End-to-End Monitoring of the Ground Segment - Supporting Operators in a Multi-Mission Environment
Rene Wittman
CGI – Germany

Scaling Scrum for large Agile projects
CGI – Germany

Using DevOps for providing Software as a Service
CGI – Germany

EGS-CC Reference Test Facilities for EGSE/MCS systems validation
Simon Reid
RHEA Group – UK

CNES-ISIS, Automation procedure runtime design
Jean Michel Georger
ATOS – France

MUSE Synthetic Parameters
Jose Fernando Moreira da Silva
Solenix – Germany

Solving modern mobility management and network visualisation with GIS tools
Irena Kos
Amphinicy – Croatia

System engineering as an agile activity
CGI – Germany

Overview of real-time and synchronization networks
Cosylab – Slovenia

Cloud Security within the Space Industry
Paul Parsons
The Server Labs - UK

Automatic generation of a complete model driven system reference database (SRDB) application Francesco.Sgaramella
ESA/ESTEC – Netherlands

PROGRESS - Security of ground based infrastructure and assets operating space systems
Hakan Kocak
DLR - Germany