Info for participants

Dear Participant,

In anticipation of your arrival at ESA/ESOC for the 6th European Ground System Architecture Workshop (ESAW) please take this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the security and entrance procedure at ESOC, listed below, and other useful information regarding the conference.

The workshop will take place in the ESOC Conference Centre, building H.


Security and Entrance Procedure

To enter the ESOC site you need to register at the Security Gate at the campus entrance. As you are already registered for the conference, security has received your name on the list of participants.

Access is only permitted upon presentation of a valid passport  or Personalausweis which will be checked for authenticity. Driving licenses, residence permits, health insurance cards etc. are not accepted as proof of identity. Personal data are collected, processed, and deleted after a certain period. Not or incorrectly registered persons will not be admitted.

Wear your visitor badge visibly at all times on the premises and follow the instructions of security staff. The ESOC Security Service reserves the right to refuse access to persons who are uncooperative. Luggage checks have to be conducted as part of the security procedure. Please refrain from taking unrequired luggage with you. This will allow us to speed up the registration process.

Site will be open on Tuesday 20th June for entrance procedure from 07:30 h in order to get around last minute afflux. The opening ceremony will start at 09:00 h in the Conference Centre.


Safety and Security Regulations

Please take note of these safety rules and regulations which must be observed when visiting the ESA/ESOC site.

  • Emergency number: 3333
  • Wear your badge visibly at all times on the premises
  • Visitors have to be accompanied and shall not access areas other than those falling into the scope of the visit
  • ESOC has a non-smoking policy, only smoke in the designated areas
  • Parking will be possible at ESOC visitor parking or in park houses in the vicinity (4 min.)


How to get to ESOC by Car or Public Transportation

For access to the ESA/ESOC site using public transportation or by car, please refer to this webpage.


Taxi Service

For those who need to arrange a taxi transfer from the airport, or other such transfers, please contact the ESOC reception at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the organiser at


We look forward to welcoming you to ESOC.